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Electrical & Electronic Infrastructure Reliability Consultants

A leading Enterprise Technology Solutions provider, focusing on Energy control systems, Energy Audits, Solar panels, Home Automation, Switch gears, Power Backup, Earth resistance testing and technology consulting.

Industrial & Manufacturing Surge Suppression Solutions

Protect your PLCs, Drives, Motors, Pumps & other critical sensitive electronic boards

Banking & Financial Infrastructure Transient Surge Suppression Solutions

Protect your Data Centers, UPS's, Electronic Equipment, AVRs, ATMs, Security & HVAC equipment

Corporate and Government Infrastructure

Protect sensitive electrical and electronic infrastructure equipment including ICT, HVAC & Security critical equipment

Hospitality & Health Protection

Protect sensitive medical & health facility equipment from transient surges i.e MRI's, CT Scan, Renal, Oncology, X-Ray, Laundry, Kitchen, Incubators, Incinerators, Microwave, Communication equipment.

Telecommunications & Data Center Surge Suppression Solutions

Protect sensitive equipment like HVACs, AVRs, UPS's, Compressors and Communication Towers from disruptive transients, surges, spikes and lightning.


Power Surge Suppression

Sinetamer offers the industry's most complete and capable line of high quality surge protection devices against lightning, transients & surges

Power Quality Analysis

Energy Audits

Assisting our clients reduce production energy costs by identifying high energy consuming cost centres through deliberate energy measures to drive positive ROI 


Energy Management 

Positioned to strategically define resource performance impact within businesses

What We Do

Infomark Business Systems is a leading Enterprise Technology Solutions provider, focusing on Energy control systems, Energy Audits, Power quality analysis, Earth resistance testing, Solar PV design, installation & maintenance, home automation, security, CCTV, burglar alarms, Access control & lighting, Switch gears, Power Panels & PDUs, Power Backups, Electrical Consultancy and technology consulting.
We pride ourselves in the expertise of our employees and the unrivalled superiority of the products and services that we offer. This unique combination allows our partnership to design, develop, build and implement bespoke Enterprise solutions and services that can deliver real value and provide customers with a competitive edge to their business.

Power Surge Suppresion
Energy Audits
Switch Gears & Panels
Power Backup
Energy Management
Electrical Consulting

Our Clientele

What They Had To Say

I have yet to hear any negative comments from the field on your product. As you can imagine with the nature of your product, it is the unsung hero of the operation. It fights the battle behind the scenes and the only time people bring it up is if it had a catastrophic failure… and to the best of my knowledge we have had none of those!

Frank Kimeu, Facilities Manager CocaCola

I was losing cards and circuit boards every few months in the hotel. I was not entirely sure what I needed to protect my equipment, so I searched and came across Sinetamer Surge protectors. Within no time, I had several surge protectors installed on a trial basis. It did not take long for me to realize how well these surge protectors worked. It is now one year later and I have not lost a single card during that time. And the Warranty of the product is great.

Mr. P. Rabindra, Head of Engineering, Sarova group of Hotels, Nairobi.

We value your partnership and impeccable support. Energy Control systems is the best SPD company we have come across in the world, who have shown us way to do business and build long term partnerships. Since we installed the Sinetamer products through Infomark, we hardly replace boards for our critical sensitive loads in the hospital and the ROI is amazingly rewarding within a couple of months.

Eng. Richards Binga, Director Electrical & Mechanical Head Kenyatta National Hospital

Electrical & Electronic Infrastructure RELIABILITY in the 21st Century