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Banks & Financial Sector

  • Equity
  • DTB
  • GTB
  • Family Bank
  • Stanbic


Manufacturing & Industrial Sector

  • Nairobi Bottlers
  • Equator Bottlers
  • Preform Plant
  • Cosmos Pharmaceuticals
  • New KCC


Corporates & Mission Critical Sectors

  • Reinnasence Capital
  • Kenya Airways
  • Cocacola
  • Howard Humphreys Consulting
  • Tripple OK Law


Government Buildings & Installations

  • Kenyatta National Hospital
  • KEBS
  • NDOC
  • Moi Referral Hospital
  • KWAL Agencies

Infomark Business Systems Limited was incorporated locally in 2009 largely specializing in Energy control systems, Information communication Technology systems, Computing software & consultancy services with a foot print throughout the country. We have also grown to have our presence felt in the East African region including Zanzibar. We embrace IEE/IEEE/ANSI standard in our business model which outlines cascading approach to infrastructure exposure levels of your electrical infrastructure. We partner with world renown technology centric manufacturers to deliver excellent products and services to our market place.


Our principals are intensely dedicated to one area - the design, development and provision of highly reliable products and services that transform the way we live, work and play; products and services that you can depend on when it counts.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide cutting edge solutions to our customers thereby increasing their overall profitability by decreasing overhead costs related to technological trends & innovation in the region.

Our delivery vision is to bring about complete alignment between sales promise and service delivery. This is achieved by creating a common language across the organization based on a quality assurance framework comprised of Practices, Skills, Technology and Infrastructure.

Our Mission

We consistently and effectively improve the profitability, reliability and operational performance of ICT, energy, electrical and electronic equipment by reducing downtime and failures of these systems through effective elimination of destructive voltage transients with the coordinated installation of SineTamer systems.

Our Business Partners

  • SineTamer
  • Schneider
  • EdgePower
  • Gamatronic
  • Solar Power Panel
  • APC
  • 4
  • 3
  • OG

The Team

Joe Adongo

Joe Adongo


Godfrey Makindu (Managing Director)

Godfrey Makindu

Managing Director


Jeff Edwards

CEO Energy Control Systems USA


Marius Grobbelaar

Africa Business Director


Agnes Kimeu



Vincent Osundwa


Nelson Kemboi

Systems & Support Engineer

Daniel Lwango

ERC Engineer