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Power Surge Suppression

On matters Transient voltage surge suppression, lightning and transients can seriously damage or disrupt operations in industrial & manufacturing plants, corporate, commercial, hospitals, financial institutions, military installations, homes and other mission critical activities. ECS surge protection's attention to design offers extraordinary surge current diversion capability, reliably protecting sensitive systems from damaging transients.

Medical Equipment

We deal in all types of medical equipment. We have the expertise and experience you can trust to handle medical devices that are heavy, oversized and fragile; or medical equipment that contains delicate lasers, lenses and gauges requiring specialized attention.

We do Supplies, Installation, Commissioning and support for all the Medical equipment. All the Equipment are fixed with sinetamer surge protectors for better operations and stability of power flow

We provide:
CT Scanners, MRI Machines, Diagnostic Equipment, Lab Equipment, X, Ray Devices, Lasers, Surgical Equipment, Hospital Furniture

Power Backup Solutions

UPS systems range from small desktop solutions through large 3 phase systems that protect entire facilities. Because of this wide range of needs, we works with multiple manufacturers to find just the right fit for the customer’s needs and application.

Over the years, Infomark Business Technologies has formed solid relationships with manufacturers that provide a well rounded offering of UPS systems, equipment and accessories.

Manufacturing Sector

Energy Control Systems is intensely dedicated to one area - the design, development and manufacture of highly reliable surge protection devices and products you can depend on when it counts. Lightning and Transients & surges can seriously damage or disrupt operations in hospitals, manufacturing & industrial sectors, corporate, Govt, financial institutions, military, households and other mission critical installations and software.

Voltage Stabilizers and Inverters

In today’s modern digital age Voltage Stabilizers, otherwise known and Voltage Regulators, play a vital role in many developing and emerging economies. The demands for power is frequently outstripping supply, giving rise to large voltage swings, surges and brownouts. Failure to address these power irregularities can cause mainline powered equipment to behave erratically and malfunction.

We are positioned to assist organizations accrue

these benefits and offers strategic, operational and architectural reviews of their current

infrastructure and future requirements.